The Government Isn’t Working For You, And The Police Are NOT Your Friends

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In just over one year the U.S. Depatment of Homeland Security has purchased over two billion (that’s right, 2,000,000,000 ) rounds of ammunition. In the interest of perspective the wars in the Middle East have required approximately 70 million rounds per year. That means that in just over one year the Feds have purchased nearly 3 times the of ammunition needed to fight two wars over the course of a decade – and they’re using our money! Tax dollars are being spent to keep ammo off American store shelves in an effort to disarm the American populous.
You see, they can’t disarm us legislatively, so they’re stealing our money and buying directly from the manufacturers. As if this isn’t outrageous enough, our fearless leaders have purchased 2,700 MRAP vehicles (light armored-tanks) as well.
At first, these expenditures seem fairly reasonable, right? Let’s face it, America is a war-like nation which is currently at publicized-war in two countries and fighting an untold number of proxy wars. Unfortunately, these purchases never left the country. Instead the tanks and ammo have been distributed to local SWAT Teams throughout our states.
This raises the question, “why is an agency responsible for defending U.S. soil stocking up on wartime materials and using them to militarize local police?”

To my knowledge, government officials have not addressed this. In fact, mainstream news corporations have hardly uttered a word about it as well. Everyone in a position responsible for reporting the meaning of this activity to American populations has acted as if nothing is going on at all.
In the past people have said to me that they, themselves, don’t break the law, therefore they have nothing to fear from SWAT teams. They think that police are there friends because they obey the police. They think that the government is working for them and that it has honor because they, themselves, feel emotional when they hear the “Star-Spangled Banner” and think about “the troops” on the Fourth of July. These people have not dealt with the police before; they have yet to be criminalized. It takes one law to take a “God-fearing, taxpaying, law abiding citizen” and completely transform them into an unrighteous, unproductive, law breaking menace to society. And when this happens to these people, of course, they’ll need to worry about SWAT teams, indeed.
The rate of swat team raids for warrant serving has increased exponentially over the last decade. Some figures estimate that approximately 200 of these raids occur every day in America. The following video is just one example of what happens when a citizen is criminalized.
The man in the video below was accused by his neighbors of selling marijuana. And so the warrant for his kidnapping was signed by one of his peers (some “judge”), and a swat team was deployed to his home to execute said warrant. In the video you can see the first five minutes of the penalty for selling random bits of arbitrary vegetation in our free United States.

This is the kidnapping of an American. But worse, it is costumed, self righteous goons betraying property rights, shamelessly and brutally torturing and slowly killing a man’s dog, terrorizing his wife and 7-year old child, and loving every minute of their sociopathic dominance over the government’s subjects.
It’s a shame we have become convinced that it should be difficult for ourselves to own guns. It’s an even bigger shame that we’ve given tremendous amounts of firepower to creepy, power-hungry sociopaths. And we’ve allowed all of this in order to grant these gangsters the obligation and the right to initiate violent force against whomever is being criminalized at the moment.
The actions of the neighbors who called the armed posse are disgusting. The actions of the armed posse are disgusting. The actions of the judge who authorized these actions are disgusting; what arrogance must exist in the corrupt mind of a man who sits in judgment over the trade of plants. Perhaps the most grotesque actions in this incredibly sad story, though, are those of the American people whose complacency, insidious in nature, has directly led to the possibility of this situation.
If you are a law-abiding citizen, just you wait until you become the criminal; it will happen. Maybe you will be late registering your vehicle, or you will refuse to pay your hard earned money when you are unfairly ticketed by a cop who’s having a bad day; you may become a criminal for any number of reasons.
Two things are certain:
The government is not working for you, and the police are not your friends.


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