The Critical Thread of ’98 – Why It Matters Today

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As I time-travel back to 1998, in my mind, I remember all sorts of exciting things that were happening in my life.  I was 13 years old and had recently graduated the sixth grade at the K-6 grade school I’d been attending.  That summer my family moved from a relatively small condo in the South-Bay Area to a large house with a huge yard in the suburbs of the East-Bay.  I made new life-long friends that summer, smoked my first cigarette, and did a whole bunch of awesome stuff that I look back on fondly.  But something else happened that year that broke a particular strand of critical thread linking the American people to their rulers.

In 1998 President Bill Clinton was found to have received oral sex from a 22 year old intern and to have inserted a cigar-tube into her lady-part (I believe these instances occurred on separate days).  While at face-value this is a fairly hilarious thing to hear, it strikes me on several deeper levels.  I’m no prude, and I have had my fair share of questionable sexual encounters, but when closely examining this President’s actions I can’t help but wonder where the outrage was and why it wasn’t more apparent.

The position of the President of the United States (POTUS) is one of incredible honor and world-wide distinction as the face of American values.  Not only does the POTUS represent an authority over his American subjects, the person holding this position represents the absolute best America has to offer.  This person is supposed to be unwavering in their conviction to ethics and incredibly strong willed in order to bolster respect from all people of the world on behalf of the Americans.

It is disgusting that the President at that time was unable to refrain from grossly abusing his power and position to seduce an impressionable, young woman.    It is incredible that he was unable to resist the urge to break his marital vows over the course of his presidency.  It is wildly strange that he had/has an object-penetration fetish!  When I heard the viewpoint, “What goes on in his personal life is his business”, I agreed.  It most certainly is his business.  But as I’ve grown older and gained some perspective it occurs to me that it truly is the business of the American people. 

It is a subservient mentality that allowed this guy to continue his reign.  Not only does the POTUS represent the American people, he works for them.  He is an employee hired to be the face of the country.  Sure, he has other responsibilities, but his primary role is that of a hood ornament impressing the eyes of the rest of the world as he peacocks in his limousines, travels in private jumbo-jets, maintains a crisp, clean appearance at all times, flaunts his nice-looking family, and makes fairly vague and mostly bloviating speeches.  He is supposed to show off his integrity and strength of mind and capabilities to the world.

Instead, the guy we hired preyed upon an ambitious intern, cheated on his wife, lied about it, and then quibbled over the meaning of the word “is” in his defense during his impeachment trial.  What a pathetic loser.

Looking back, I can’t help but wonder how the American people allowed him to go on representing them.  If a business owner hears on the news that his receptionist was caught slobbering on the lap of his CEO with a foreign object protruding from her rectum in the conference room, and then the CEO lies about it on air…the CEO loses his job lickety-split (in most cases; companies related to the pornography industry are potentially exempt from this assertion). 

What’s more unreal is the obvious breakdown in the government system.  I find it absurd that a guy like Bill Clinton rose through the ranks of government to become the most influential and the most powerful person in the world.  Unfortunately, the explanation is simple; the governments that rule over the world’s people have no filters, therefore, those most enticed by the opportunity to obtain power over others go there and find success.

The Clinton scandal was a travesty, but the American people’s reaction to it was a devastating blow to the expectations and standards held to the position of the POTUS.  Since that time Presidents have been allowed to lie outright to their employers (us) resulting in a role-reversal of epic proportions.  In the last decade American Presidents’ lies have allowed government to send many thousands of American subjects to their deaths in unjustified wars, allowed for the murder of hundreds of thousands of citizens of foreign nations, removed an untold amount of liberties native to America and vital to the definition of freedom, etc, etc, etc. 

And it isn’t ending.  Americans’ acceptance of presidential lies has now allowed for a government takeover of the most basic individual responsibility and natural right; that is to provide one’s self with health.  I’m afraid all is lost if the American people don’t take to the streets now.  If they don’t raise an immense amount of backlash against Barack Obama for lying over and over in order to buffoonarize the American public, and trick them into re-electing his administration.  If he is not removed from office for his transgressions against them as the representative of American integrity and strength the bar will truly be set.  He lied, and this time it wasn’t about sexual fetishes, or personal commitments to a spouse; it was to cover up the atrociously adverse effects of his proposed legacy-legislation on his subjects.  It was to deceive the American people regarding how their wealth would be redistributed, and how many B-B-B-Billions of tax-dollars would be fraudulently abused and wasted in his program.

Even though a womanizing liar with a fetish for cramming phallic-shaped objects into young women made it through to the top the government system and was able to hold his position even after his subjects found out, I do have hope.  I have a shred of hope that this liar will be dispatched to the realm of Nixon; perhaps we could reconnect the thread that lets the POTUS know not only are we watching, we give a shit!


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