Raping the Innocent in a Fraudulent War

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It’s no secret that the War on Drugs has been an astronomical failure in every aspect. Since 1980 the population of drug-criminals in the U.S. prison system has increased from 40,000 to 500,000 according to CNN. CNN also reports five percent of our national debt ($1 trillion) has been spent funding the fraudulent war. A study at the Cato Institute indicates the U.S. would save approximately $41 billion per year were drug use to be decriminalized; and the tax revenue projections are stunning. I could list dozens of fairly shocking numerical stats pointing to the illegitimacy of the War on Drugs, but these bits of data are readily available on the web.

Instead, I’d rather focus on how far gone the enforcement of legislation related to the War on Drugs has become. In my article, The Government Isn’t Working for You and the Police Are NOT Your Friends, I wrote about a man suspected of being in possession of marijuana. Government thugs broke into the man’s home in the middle of the night. His dog was shot to death, and his wife and 7-year-old son were taken from their home as the man was shackled and kidnapped by the government’s hired-guns. When I wrote that article I was livid, because I’m a dog lover, a husband, and a man who values liberty more than his country’s government. I was boiling with hate for the pathetic bullies who invaded this man’s home and stripped him of his freedom in retaliation for his supposed possession of arbitrary vegetation. I thought this was the worst display of a Drug War atrocity I’d ever see in America, but I was wrong.

I just learned of an incident which occurred in the beginning of 2013. David Eckert, an average citizen, finished shopping at his local Walmart, hopped in his car and drove away. Unfortunately, Mr. Eckert didn’t come to a complete stop at a stop sign on his way home. He was routinely pulled over by law enforcement. Upon pulling over, Mr. Eckert was forced to exit his vehicle. As he stepped out of his car the police officer(s) decided Mr. Eckert was clenching his buttocks which they determined was a reasonable segue to search Mr. Eckert’s anal cavity for narcotics.

A judge quickly signed a warrant for the officers and, according to KOB4 Eyewitness News, over the next 14 hours Eckert was forced to be x-rayed, anally force-fingered, anally force-fingered again, forced to undergo an enema and defecate in front of doctors and police officers, forced to watch these people sift through his feces, forced to undergo a second enema and publicly defecate again, forced to undergo a THIRD enema, forced to defecate in front of his captors a THIRD time, forced to watch as his captors searched through his fecal matter a THIRD time, forced to undergo a second x-ray, forced to be sedated, and lastly forced to undergo a colonoscopy in which a camera penetrated his anus and was then shoved through his colon, and large intestines. Throughout the ordeal Eckert protested every procedure forced upon him. Eckert maintains he never gave permission for any of it.

No narcotics were found throughout the brutal 14 hour torment. Police reports, medical reports, and a lawsuit all document the government overreach in its entirety. It even turns out that Eckert had to be taken to two hospitals for the physical violations listed above, because the first hospital would not perform them, stating that to do so would be “unethical”.

Every time something is made illegal, Americans are sold on legislation that criminalizes an activity. But, in truth, activities cannot be criminalized; only people who take part in those activities can be criminalized.

So when a person says that drugs should be illegal, what are they really saying? They’re saying that people who use drugs are so unlike them, so different ideologically, that they think drug-users should be kidnapped, sexually violated, humiliated and degraded, and imprisoned in a rape-room. They’re further implying that these people should be shot to death if they resist this treatment. These people use soft words to describe their wicked desires like “arrest”, “search”, “serve time”, etc. Unfortunately, soft language doesn’t actually soften the literal reality brought on at the hands of the government’s enforcers.

The War on Drugs takes this grotesque attitude one step further and allows for innocent people who’re simply suspected of living their lives on a different ideological plane, to be kidnapped and raped with fingers and objects, to be forced into chemical-induced unconsciousness, to be subjected to x-ray radiation, etc. Don’t forget that police officers, a judge, doctors, and nurses alike all agreed to this line of behavior. We’ve surrendered our liberty to the government in hopes of being on the right side.

Everyone wants to stop a bad guy. They just don’t realize that only difference between themselves and the bad guys, in this instance at least, is a technicality scratched in ink onto a piece of processed tree bark by some guy they’ve never heard of and stored thousands of miles away in the basement of a building they’ve never seen. We’re all living under the threat of this aggression. We’re all a clenched butt-cheek away from this sort of peril. And why? Because someone somewhere decided that nobody should consume variable plants and chemicals? Because somebody was ideologically opposed to others’ lifestyle choices we all have to forfeit our liberty? I say no.

America is a nation of individuals. The men who designed America’s framework rooted our country’s foundation in the concept that the individual ought to be left alone. The War on Drugs is a heinous piece of criminalizing words. It’s a hellish bureaucratic wasteland inviting all frauds and abusers to its filthy grounds. Where do we draw the line between ourselves and our government? At what point do we fight back? The government truly isn’t working for us; it is attempting to steal our liberties as a means to control our productivity and property. And, the police are not our friends, though government schools, government-censored media, and propaganda has led us to believe this to be true; police are gangsters, armed thugs hired to protect the government’s interests.

I’m not saying there shouldn’t be police. I’m saying that we should be aware of who they really work for, and reject the laws that allow innocents to be abducted and assaulted under the threat of murder for moral differences. When an adult makes a decision to do something that hurts no one other than them self, a crime has not been committed; rather, a moral difference has been exercised. And anyone who says differently is either regurgitating rhetoric, ignorant of the literal consequences they’re supporting, or a really sick mother fucker. I hate that the last line sounds like an appeal to acceptance, but it is reality; it’s harsh, true reality.


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