Mandela: The Beloved Brutal Terrorist

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While Nelson Mandela was the head of the terrorist organization, UmKhonto we Sizwe, he ordered the bombings of many public areas in South Africa, including churches, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of innocents. Upon his capture, the racist and corrupt government in place at that time offered to let him go free in return for his public denunciation of his past actions and those of his followers, but Mandela refused. In 1962, he admitted to committing 156 acts of public violence and subsequently spent 27 years, or so, in jail.

After his release in 1990, Mandela hid his connection to the South African Communist Party in an effort to politically distance himself from the likes of Russian communists whose country was crumbling at the time. He was successful in his deceit and became the first black President of South Africa. Once in office, Mandela made a point not to take retaliatory actions toward his captors for which he has received much praise. He began spreading a message of equality and forgiveness; oddly, though, he began aligning himself with communist dictators around the world. Meanwhile, South Africa’s crime rates soared.

Today, South Africa is the rape capital of the world. Every four minutes a woman is raped in South Africa (66,000 rapes per year). South Africa has been widely known for its incredibly brutal and corrupt police force, largely made of “volunteers”, who are known to regularly rape and torture women throughout the country. Rates of this violent behavior have soared since Mandela started his campaign to spread peace. However, he did make significant contributions toward shifting the public outlook away from racism in South Africa through the peaceful forgiveness of his Apartheid predecessors.

Unfortunately, police corruption increased astronomically as well under Mandela’s guidance and has continued since his resignation. Last July, an internal audit of the South African police force uncovered 1,448 police employees, to include Generals, Colonels, Lieutenants, Captains, and Warrant Officers, with undisclosed convictions for murder, attempted murder, homicide, rape, attempted rape, assault, aiding and abetting, theft, breaking and entering, drug trafficking, kidnapping, robbery, malicious damage to property, and more.

Also, it’s unclear whether Mr. Mandela’s efforts truly helped resolve racist conflict. In 2012, an international monitoring agency, Genocide Watch, warned that South Africa was in the fifth of eight stages of the genocide process called the “preparation stage”. Genocide Watch officials reported that the African National Congress was engaging in a “campaign of state-sponsored dehumanization of the white population as a whole”. White farmers, in particular, seem to be on the receiving end of the brunt of the violence.

Violence, today, against white farmers in South Africa is excruciating just to hear about. One native South African recently told a reporter, “The other day, when we were having lunch—I couldn’t tell you how bad it is, it would have made you sick. About 10 klicks just down the road where I used to live, three blacks broke into a house, tied up the husband, gang-raped and killed the wife, before stabbing him like 14 times and chopping him with a panga [machete] and spreading the parts all over the house. Then they took their young son and drowned him in boiling water.”

Instances like this one are not rare. In fact the end of Apartheid and beginning of Mandela’s reign marked the incline of this egregious violence. Since then, approximately 3,000 white farmers have been murdered and countless numbers of them have been tortured, raped, beaten and robbed. Under and since Mandela, laws were passed forbidding the hire of whites, welfare increased exponentially, affirmative action measures were set, black police forces were mandated, etc. You might say that Mandela reversed his anti-racist revolution after taking office and, instead, created a lawless, corrupt, more racist and more violent statist establishment than that of the atrocious Apartheid regime he’d successfully expelled.

So why isn’t the media reporting this? Why is our president attending Mr. Mandela’s funeral? Why are so many people singing Mandela’s praises? How much good does it take to outweigh the horrific actions of this person prior to his imprisonment in 1962, and how much good does it take to outweigh the results of his leadership in South Africa after 1990? I’m not saying that the responsibility for every corrupt police officer, every raped and gutted woman, every drowned child, and every terrorized church-going bomb-victim rests solely on the shoulders of poor little Nelson! I’m saying, “Stop praising this unethical, disgusting, ruthless terrorist – turned socio-cultural devastator!”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. In the age of information it has never been easier to know the truth, nor more difficult to stay focused on it.

Below are some links to my sources:,_where_corruption_is_normal.pdf


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