Robber Barons: An Unnecessary Good (Part One)

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Everybody hates a robber baron! Well, at least virtually everyone (those who weren’t properly educated on the matter). The public school system and liberal college agendas teach that wealthy, white men are to be denigrated for their greed and lack of compassion for the common man. As usual, this instance of “education” is another attempt to indoctrinate children into the belief that everyone deserves equality regardless of effort.

What they don’t usually stress, although it may be mentioned here and there, is that Vanderbilt destroyed the partnership between a private company and the government which had monopolized the ferry industry in New York State, thereby challenging the corrupt force of government guns being exploited in private industries. This means that Vanderbilt drove up competition in the transportation industry allowing for better quality, cheaper transportation for people using the ferry system.

It’s also highly unlikely that educators have been emphasizing Rockefeller’s incredible accomplishment of introducing “greener” energy by vamping up the world’s Kerosene availability. Through his work in this area, Rockefeller provided a new source of energy which he offered at a cheaper price to the consumer than the prevalently used whale oil of the time. The whaling industry was on the verge of wiping out whales – Rockefeller saved them! By 1890 the whaling industry was so devastated that the estimated amount of whaling ships had decreased from over 700 to somewhere in the neighborhood of 200. Also, the increase in availability of cheap oil allowed for most to afford lamps; suddenly, everyone could afford to stay awake after dark. This improvement to the availability of light was immeasurable in its impact on people’s quality of life and their ability to be productive after sunset.

Carnegie donated millions of dollars back in his day to build public libraries in an initiative to spread literacy throughout the U.S. He privately paid for over 1600 libraries to be built in the U.S. alone and over 2500 libraries worldwide. But, in order to spread envy, and hate of wealth, the liberal movement regularly bypasses this fairly important information, and instead tells of the low wage employment his companies offered.

Carnegie, Leviston and Rockefeller all donated millions of dollars and in some cases thousands of acres of land to help increase the availability of National Parks to the public. Keep in mind that millions of dollars in the 1920’s went a bit further then it would today. In fact, Congress didn’t appropriate any significant funds for National Park development until 1930; prior to that almost every source of National Park funds was private philanthropy.

The so-called Robber Barons of the 18th and 19th centuries didn’t steal anything; they earned it through educated, shrewd business dealings. They weren’t as greedy as you might think; they spread the wealth as they saw fit leaving the public with the benefit of the National Parks, Libraries, whales, an affordable energy source (in its time), increased productivity and comfort (ability to turn on a light in the dark), affordable transportation along the New York waterways, and much more. To brand these people as greedy, evil, or corrupt misses the mark as a summary. Stereotyping these amazing achievers and contributors to society as a negative force is highly inaccurate. They robbed no one, they weren’t government nobility, they did more good than almost anyone in their time, and their works led to the advancement of our society as a whole.

When you hear someone earnestly labeling these leaders of industry as robber barons, you’re hearing the liberal entitlement mindset. It bears no integrity, nor rationality, and it isn’t true. But, these days the government fills children’s heads with these fraudulent thoughts every year. What kind of people do they want the children to be? What kind of adults does the government want to reign over? They want tax-cattle. The kinds of people that don’t get it, therefore don’t question it, and as a result keep their heads down and eat the grass.


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