Month: January 2014

Liberty, or Handicaps: What’s To Become of Us?

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Welfare is on the rise, the minimum wage is about to be increased – further handicapping our ability to negotiate our own worth, and the majority of Americans are stupidly upset about the amount of wealth controlled by a few at the top of the economic ladder.
Every day ignorance expands in the minds of those consumed by their own consumerism; social media and faux-news stories rattle around the empty skulls of our mentally depleted populous. Distorted delusions about equality and fairness abundantly erupt in horizontal attacks between the tax-cattle of our nation as they fall prey to the pundits and commentators on television who seek to tell us what is important, why, and how to feel about it. Who can be sure whether the things we feel strongly about are even relevant to our own lives anymore? In many cases we can only assume we ought to have an opinion about those things we’re told should matter on our favorite programs, or by our preferred talking heads and celebrities.
We’re each living an adaptation of “The Truman Show”. Unfortunately, our “Truman Shows” are not designed for capitalist purposes. Rather, they have been designed to gain control of our lives through absolute manipulation for the purpose of stealing our productivity. After all, it’s easier to get away with robbery if you convince the victim that they want to hand over their money.
The push for fairness and equality is removed far beyond reality, yet many people who long for this utopia seem to think it possible; this is absurd. In all of life, some animals have advantages, and some of those advantaged animals will exploit those qualities for their personal gain – others won’t. Some animals will be born average, and some of those animals will put forth the effort required to make it big (whether a squirrel stashing nuts for winter, or Trump building his empire)! Others will relax and trade opportunities for lavish lifestyles for less stressful and/or low-profile lifestyles.
The short film, “2081”, metaphorically illustrates the potential dangers of extending “fairness” and “equality” to the realm of artificial accommodation. Just as the government has been artificially propping up the current markets through Quantitative Easing, creating a permanent underclass by providing a welfare-state, and spreading the liberal agenda which tells the poor that they can never make it without assistance, today the government is on it way to more intimate-domination of our lives. Have a look at this film and think about what it means in principle, and what’s to become of us.