Month: August 2014

Their Citizens: We exist to be used

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Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 6.27.05 PMCory Remsburg was manipulated and indoctrinated in the public education system, brainwashed in the Army, used and exploited throughout the wars in the Middle East, and even after “his comrades found him in a canal, face down, under water with shrapnel in his brain,” after enduring an explosion from a roadside-IED on his tenth deployment… President Obama (as quoted) exploited yet another opportunity to use Mr. Remsburg. The President decided to finish up his State of the Union speech last night with an egregious appeal to emotion by trumpeting Cory Remsburg’s story of sacrifice in a last-minute attempt to unite his audience in a feeling of gratitude and awe. He used this soldier’s story not as an ode to liberty, nor as a harrowing tale representative of his own passion for military folks and their mission – rather, he used it anecdotally as a distraction from his ridiculous government-expanding agenda which he expressed in the hour prior. I’m fairly certain that Cory Remsburg did believe he was doing the right thing when accomplishing his mission overseas. And, he absolutely deserves the attention and gratitude implied by the President in his speech last night. But I think he deserves better than to be used as the closing act of a failing socialist’s annual theatrical event.  He, and others in similar situations, ought not to be used as political fodder.  As the President said at the beginning of that same speech, “Tonight this chamber speaks with one voice to the people we represent. It is you. OUR citizens.” Understand how telling this statement is; it shows exactly where the people stand in the gaze of bureaucrats.  We belong to them.