On Brexit: The Real Deal

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People are wising up to their governments ripping them off with massive taxes and minimal protections. The economically illiterate tend to see things from a leftist viewpoint, because they lack a fundamental understanding of supply and demand and how that concept transcends every facet of every market. Further, people on the left tend to rely on emotions as the substantive portion of their mental energy when making decisions. This is okay a lot of the time, but when a decision will have a tremendous effect on the lives of everyone around them it becomes dangerous.
Thus, we hear leftists ignoring the damning economic impacts of welfare states and open borders on tax payers and locally raised people looking to compete in their labor markets; also, resulting from this disposition, we hear leftists shouting down dissenters of the Brexit movement in a deluge of epithets (racists, xenophobes, bigots, etc.), which is par for the course and so was expected.
In truth, the majority of UK citizens want to have sovereignty over their island, so they can regulate their businesses, afford welfare benefits, control their borders, and police themselves – themselves. Brexit is a really big deal, and I think voters made the right choice yesterday. That said, conservatives in the UK will need to step up to the plate in the aftermath, and they’ll need to stick to their guns. The transition to a free society in the UK will be temporarily painful, but in the long run it will be a far better deal in terms of economics and security for the people who live there.
I do expect, though, to see terror plots carried out, violence from leftist sympathizers, and volatile markets over the next 6-18 months. Islamic terror groups, and individual cells will want to dissuade the masses of truly taking control of their own country by making it seem as though the population is unprepared to fight domestic terrorism. The left, likewise, will throw fits. We’ve seen this in America lately quite a bit. When the right doesn’t like something, they tend to protest peacefully, while the left tends to light fires, beat people to the ground, harass and assault women (perhaps pelting them in the face with eggs), and wholly behaving like a bunch of psychopaths. The markets will jolt this way and that for a time simply due to the unknown. After all, when today WASN’T like yesterday, and tomorrow WON’T be like today…
So, I think we’re in for some interesting news stories out of the UK in the coming days and months. And, ultimately, we can look forward to the start of a global economic recovery.


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