Rational thought has been unfortunately rare in my experiences with people.  I have traveled around the United states as far east as Maryland, as far west as Hawaii, as far north as Alaska, and as far south as Mississippi.  I have met in passing, worked with, and palled around with thousands of people over the years as I transitioned from branded-believer to staunch-stoner to mixed up military member.  Throughout these wonderful times were sprinkled enough hardship, acceleration and passion to warrant a considerable amount of reflection, I think.  And, while the majority of my interactions with these wonderful people has been remarkably enjoyable and rewarding, I have consistently noticed some particularly startling trends in philosophy and rationality, or lack thereof.  This blog is an offering of perspective for those who are on the fence about religion, who have yet to question authority fully, and it’s for those who indeed have.

I am a meteorologist by trade, and a writer by night.  Philosophy is not an area of my expertise, however I spend many hours reading about, listening to and discussing material regarding the subject.  As I see it, philosophy is a dramatically impressing part of life.  A weak sense of philosophy tends to allow give in other structures of the mind eventually leading to exorbitant stress.  Indeed, a weak philosophy may have a butterfly affect on a persons entire life.  I think it’s worth while to spend some time figuring out what is real, what is worth incorporating into personal philosophy, and what is not.

Feel free to lend me feedback.  I appreciate the negative almost more than the positive as it helps point me toward honest answers…but I do enjoy positive feedback as well, so don’t be shy.



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