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Liberty, or Handicaps: What’s To Become of Us?

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Welfare is on the rise, the minimum wage is about to be increased – further handicapping our ability to negotiate our own worth, and the majority of Americans are stupidly upset about the amount of wealth controlled by a few at the top of the economic ladder.
Every day ignorance expands in the minds of those consumed by their own consumerism; social media and faux-news stories rattle around the empty skulls of our mentally depleted populous. Distorted delusions about equality and fairness abundantly erupt in horizontal attacks between the tax-cattle of our nation as they fall prey to the pundits and commentators on television who seek to tell us what is important, why, and how to feel about it. Who can be sure whether the things we feel strongly about are even relevant to our own lives anymore? In many cases we can only assume we ought to have an opinion about those things we’re told should matter on our favorite programs, or by our preferred talking heads and celebrities.
We’re each living an adaptation of “The Truman Show”. Unfortunately, our “Truman Shows” are not designed for capitalist purposes. Rather, they have been designed to gain control of our lives through absolute manipulation for the purpose of stealing our productivity. After all, it’s easier to get away with robbery if you convince the victim that they want to hand over their money.
The push for fairness and equality is removed far beyond reality, yet many people who long for this utopia seem to think it possible; this is absurd. In all of life, some animals have advantages, and some of those advantaged animals will exploit those qualities for their personal gain – others won’t. Some animals will be born average, and some of those animals will put forth the effort required to make it big (whether a squirrel stashing nuts for winter, or Trump building his empire)! Others will relax and trade opportunities for lavish lifestyles for less stressful and/or low-profile lifestyles.
The short film, “2081”, metaphorically illustrates the potential dangers of extending “fairness” and “equality” to the realm of artificial accommodation. Just as the government has been artificially propping up the current markets through Quantitative Easing, creating a permanent underclass by providing a welfare-state, and spreading the liberal agenda which tells the poor that they can never make it without assistance, today the government is on it way to more intimate-domination of our lives. Have a look at this film and think about what it means in principle, and what’s to become of us.


A Recipe for the “Knockout Game”

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These days, youths in western culture are finding all sorts of new and exciting ways to fill their time.  Some retreat to their inner selves and substitute socialization with video games.  Others find solace in reaching out to their peers via social networking sights.  Incredibly, there seem to be enough video games and web-based social networking avenues to keep kids entertained during the majority of their free time, and when these time-killers come to be boring and monotonous to their users there’s always an ocean of porn through which to freely swim and explore.  Yep, these days, kids have everything they need to sustain their minds’ endless curiosity and longing.

So why are some teens suddenly so apt to distract, sneak up on, or otherwise catch off guard random adults and punch them in the face?  Why are so many kids willing to commit mass shootings of their peers and authority figures?  I have a theory, but it may sound “radical”, so prepare to bear with me.  In short, it is a protest.  It’s a rejection of authority.  These kids don’t know it, but they’re storming metaphorical gates of the house that tyranny built.  Let’s explore how it has come to this.

It all starts with an ideology.  First a group of filthy rich people decide they know what’s best for other people with whom they have no connection, so they hire figureheads with qualities particularly appealing to the base of people they want to control.  The rich people tell their figureheads what to say and how to say it, and they send the figureheads out to the masses to spread lies.  The filthy rich people know that people believe what they want to believe, because the human species is principally susceptible to faith and confidence.  They start with a message of fictive kinship in an attempt to bond their future subordinates with one another as this allows for horizontal ostracism.

So out march the figureheads spreading a bunch of nonsensical ideology about equality and fairness.  The key here is to maintain the masses’ focus on each other’s’ worth as this fans the flames of social ostracism away from themselves and toward those whom they’d like to reign over.  The figureheads dispense copious amounts of rhetoric into the ears of the people they want to control, and bestow even more symbolic propaganda to their eyes. They talk about a world in which “all men (and women) are created equal” and where “no child can be left behind”.  They spend years convincing people that there are problems amongst humanity to which being governed is the key to the solution.  This must be done over many years, otherwise people would simply remember that the reason the problems exist is that the government is forcing people to behave unnaturally.

Different figureheads are dispatched with different messages.  Some spout off about racial inequality.  Some are hired to lie about ways to bring people out of poverty.  Some figureheads are hired to behave empathetically toward the prison population, while others are hired to be their adversaries and drivel about the need for more harsh incarcerations.  Some bloviate about social injustices and the necessity for government programs to affect positive change for the underprivileged.  Some are hired to infect their listeners with fear of economic collapse, mysterious terrorist-societies far, far away, and other irreconcilable threats to their subjects’ comfortable lifestyles.  Thus, would- be normal folk are transformed into worry-warts and begin taking sides within their communities.

Of course this is all bullshit.  No sane person would step back, think about what is being told to them, and then fall in line willingly with no sense of contempt for the status quo.  Nobody who wakes up when they decide to, uses the toothbrush they decided works best for their needs, eats what they want to eat for breakfast, wears what they choose to wear for the day, travels however they feel like traveling (by foot, bicycle, moped, Segway, car, truck, train, plane, helicopter, etc), works where they choose to work, earns what they agreed to be paid, dates whomever they choose to date, becomes intimate with whomever they choose, watches whichever programs they want to watch, buys whichever products they want to buy whenever they want to buy them, etc, etc, etc, ALL WITHOUT GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE, would hear a hired manipulator say to them “You must purchase this type of product, the product must meet my standards, and you must be in possession of this product by this time,” and think this is acceptable.

Alright, some abused children may have grown up to accept this sort of horrifying overreach by authorities, but the majority of people would tell a government official to “F*** off” if that official didn’t have millions of hired guns to back them up.  

For the most part, children are manipulated and coerced into being obedient.  They are not negotiated with; they’re not trusted to make decisions and guided through the results of their mistakes with compassion.  Instead they’re hit when they make mistakes, shouted at when they disappoint, humiliated when they don’t succeed academically, bribed when they’re noncompliant, and dispatched to the care of public schools (an institution void of emotion and founded on coercion and theft) for thousands of hours throughout their most developmental and creative years.  Children spend the majority of these most impressionable years forced into small rooms full of their peers, forced to memorize small bits of information which, when pieced together over decades, brand the children in their own mind’s eyes.  Kids grow up without a sense of self outside of the image that’s been painted for them.  They are molded to think of themselves as lesser than the government and subservient by duty to it. They’re taught that their friends are the Police, Firefighters, Teachers, Librarians, Mailmen, Park Rangers… and all government employees.  They’re taught that people who sit in judgment of others for possession of arbitrary vegetation, and dictate how much time they’ll spend being sexually assaulted in a cage, are honorable and deserving of much respect.

Children are brainwashed and abused and manipulated by nearly every authority figure they meet throughout their childhoods.  At some point they start to see the hypocrisy, and in the age of information they’re beginning to see it more clearly and earlier.  

They realize that the police have no real ethics, no logical rationale; they simply work for a paycheck.  Police hold-up, rob, kidnap, imprison, and subject to atrocious sexual abuse, any person they can by law, if they want to at that time (depending on how much paperwork they’re willing to do that evening).  Police really are just doing their job – enforcing any laws. 

Laws are experiments based on the opinions of a few very wealthy people who do not, and cannot, relate to your individual life.  We are forced to comply by living under the constant threat of violence.

Teachers are paid with money stolen from their students’ parents!  People who’ve never been to the students’ neighborhoods force at literal gunpoint the extraction of their parents money, and then they mandate that the children be indoctrinated in the public schools with specific  information designed to brainwash them into being controllable. 

Kids realize that they have no clue how the world works. They know they’ve wasted extraordinary amounts of time being force fed useless factoids. They have no hope for starting a legitimate business, they don’t know how. They can’t balance a checkbook – they’re completely financially illiterate. A fifteen year old has the mental capacity and physical fortitude to run a very small business, but a fifteen year old forced to memorize capital cities, dates of wars, and brainwashed into thinking that society ows them a place at the table cannot. 

Every year more adolescents are drugged with anti-depressants, and speed, and they’re told that there’s something wrong with them, because they can’t focus on “their” studies.  They’re placed in counseling sessions where an adult sits with them and listens to their warped feelings and continues the lie that they’re feeling unnatural and so they need meds to help them acclimate to the demands of the government. Rather than stop hitting our toddlers, American society has stooped to drugging their children with the hope that they won’t be able to see reality through the fog of narcotics. 

Today, the kids can see. They open their laptops, and log onto their tablets, and “ask Siri” any time they want an answer. They know almost instantaneously if someone is full of it, and holy crap – America is overflowing with it.  

Unfortunately, these underdeveloped minds lack empathy due to a minimum of father figure interaction, and a surplus of physical and vocal abuse. So, no, they don’t understand the risks behind what they’re doing. They don’t get that they’re not being productive, because they don’t know what it is to BE productive.  They simply attempt to exist by entertaining themselves in virtual worlds. And when those virtual worlds stop feeding their needs, they give up. They succumb to “Lord of the Flies” pressure from their unsupervised peers and act out.  What’s worse, those kids who have already become so deluded that they’re hitting unsuspecting men and women in the head are probably too far gone.  And, they cannot be rehabilitated, because they were never habilitated to begin with. 

What’s to be done? How do we keep from living in “A Clockwork Orange”?  Well, first we need to stop hitting our children.  Then we can stop drugging them, and forcing them to waste their lives in public schools. We could start reasoning with them rationally, being honest with them, begin to tell the government to “F*** off” when they mandate our children’s whereabouts and information intake. We can start teaching our children in depth about how currencies work, how they don’t work, and how to work to obtain currencies.  

It’s so overwhelming when taken all at once like this, but when you step back it’s so logical. If we treat our children with respect and honesty and dignity and care we’ll reap caring children.  Or we can continue to beat and berate and drug and lie to our children and concoct more advanced versions of the “knockout game”.