Free College? No Such Thing

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President Obama and the Democratic Party are counting on the, “Stupidity of the American voter,” as the head architect of Obama-care recently put it. The President has just announced his plan to create a federally/state-funded program in which he said, “Two years of college will become as free and universal as high school is today”. He’s promising two free years of community college for anyone who can maintain a C+ average, and follow a couple other simple guidelines. Honestly, though, I can’t imagine his plan is to pull a bunch of 40 year olds back into school, which means this plan is nothing more than Obama’s latest attempt to buy votes from the American youth for the Democratic Party.

Many Obama supporters have been pretty turned off over the last few years by Obama’s performance and his apparent gravity toward scandalous policy failures. This is evidenced by the nearly absolute lack of young-voter-turnout during the last election when Republicans maintained their majority in the House and won the majority in the Senate by a landslide.

In November, Obama’s head architect on Obama-care stated (in regards to the Obama administration having lied in order to get Obama-care passed), “if you had a law which said … healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed. Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really really critical to get for the thing to pass.” Regardless of this horrible truth, according to Gallup, the day after Obama announced free-college for everybody his approval rating spiked to his highest level since August of 2013. Can you say “Purchasing votes for the Democratic Party”?

If Obama were going to personally foot the bill for everyone in America to go to college for two years I’d be on board. Or, if he were starting a charity into which folks could voluntarily dump their money as a means to his stated ends I’d be completely indifferent; people can do what they want with their own money.

Unfortunately, though, Obama is not saying either of these things. What he’s saying is that you and I, and our parents, and our children will be FORCED to pay for everyone to go to college.

We are already paying for the baby-boomers’ retirement, walls across borders, really big telescopes, one-way vehicles to comets and other planets, other people’s doctor visits, other people’s children’s schooling, and thousands of other things that we ought not to be paying for. And, now Obama is proposing legislation dictating that Americans MUST pay for young adults to be put through “higher” education.

This initiative raises some really serious concerns. After all, President Obama isn’t actually talking about “free” college. There couldn’t be an exchange of money for that to be true. He means it will be free to the consumer. In reality, Obama is advocating a hijacking of middle class Americans’ freedom as they will be FORCED to pay $60 Billion dollars for the program over the next decade, according to Politico.com.

And wouldn’t corralling youths into welfare-schools inflate demand and cause a reduction in the supply? And wouldn’t that result in skyrocketing costs? This means that tax-robbed people will end up paying even MORE money for OTHER PEOPLE to obtain a LESSER education!

That’s bad enough without mentioning the opportunity-cost people will suffer who won’t actually benefit from this “furthered” education while they could have been gaining workplace experience and increasing their wages through time in their industry. According to Forbes, “one-third to one-half of recent college graduates [are] taking jobs that usually go to high school graduates –they are “underemployed,” many of them still living with their parents and dependent on parental financial support.”

Forbes later goes on to say, “…[of] every ten students that enter community college, only three graduate within three years.” So why would we want to push even more people into institutions that are already producing such grossly incompetent results? And, won’t this tremendous influx in college-goers completely devalue the college degree for all the people who would otherwise actually benefit from obtaining one?

Also, Bloomberg estimates that every American is already (mostly unwittingly) saddled with $58,000+ in debt to the government’s creditors. Thus, I’d say that stacking this unfunded liability on the shoulders of the working class is a pretty terrible idea.

Further, people can’t afford to pay for other people’s educations (in the same way that they can’t afford to pay for other people’s healthcare). Bloomberg also points out that the average American household currently holds over $15,000 in credit card debt alone. People already come out of government schools financially illiterate, lacking critical thinking skills, and worshiping government. Most people can’t even begin to fathom that voluntary solutions to societal issues might exist without including the State’s force. A government takeover of community college-funding is the first few inches on the slippery slope to government stipulations, regulations, and government-approved curriculum.

The last thing Americans need is for young adults to be manipulated into staying in government-institutions becoming further indoctrinated, and causing true adulthood to be pushed off until years later than it already is.

I think it would have been far more impressive if Obama had decided to improve the government-controlled education system which currently exists; the one that lands American children 26th in Reading, 28th in Science, and 37th in Math compared to the rest of the world, according to Bloomberg. Government really ought to focus on doing less, and performing really, really well at what it already insists on doing.

Liabilities keep getting stacked one atop the next by the bureaucrats who all-too-willingly control our lives and enslave our children, and our children’s children, through national debt. These investments are not liabilities of the government; they’re our liabilities! We, the people, are the ones who’ll have to pay for these programs when America’s creditors come knocking.

It’s no surprise that so many are unable to see the light when it comes to government intrusion. After all, the government forced us to spend 15,000 hours “learning” what the government wanted us to know in government institutions. Our thinking skills are at the level the government wants them to be at.

Writes Nick Anderson of The Washington Post:
“The National Student Clearinghouse, a nonprofit organization, reported in December that there were about 6.1 million students enrolled in public two-year colleges, a drop of 3.5 percent compared to 2013. There had been similar drops in each of the previous two years. Obama officials hope their plan will turn that trend around.” This brings me to my last point.

The federal government has taken over the entire institution of student loans, to the tune of over $1 Trillion of student loan debt, which means that people are paying the Federal government interest on $1 Trillion. That’s quite a bit of income for the Feds. After seeing a decrease for three consecutive years in the number of people seeking “higher” education, the Federal government is planning to force its subjects to foot the bill for the first two years of everyone’s education in order to incentivize student loan applications in years to come. This program is an investment in the future alright – the future of the Federal government’s financial standing.

People are finally realizing that the “higher” in “higher education” doesn’t mean higher than otherwise attainable; it means higher institutional education than what people received at their poorly performing, government-run high schools. People are finally wising up and seeking out jobs in which to gain experience and knowledge. People are seeking the wisdom that living life (with the internet) gets them rather than traveling the traditional educational paths. That means people are losing interest in paying the Federal government for loans. And, since the internet has caused a tremendous decrease in the government’s leverage when using propaganda against its citizens, Obama MUST resort to legislatively criminalizing anyone who doesn’t pay for other people’s college.

This new proposal is simply the latest in a string of wealth-redistribution attempts. Government tells people they’ll get free stuff, and “the stupidity of the American voter” takes over. In reality, people who work hard to earn money for themselves, their families, and their retirement will see their wages garnished and given away to other people. This is textbook wealth-redistribution.

The Feds aren’t really interested in the wellbeing and livelihood of their constituents. They’re interested in getting their hands on our money, and our votes on their side of the ballot, so they can maintain power.


Indeed, the change is fundamental.

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Restore your dignity; Don’t vote

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~ In response to the overabundance of mainstream-styled bloviating I witnessed masquerading as free thought on social media following the last presidential campaign I wrote the following:

November 6th, 2012

“Alright, everybody, its time I gave it to you straight. You don’t matter. Your opinions don’t matter. Your vote doesn’t matter. All the posts in the world, full of jeering and negativity and encouragement and exclamations, don’t matter.

Government, in general, is chalked full of devious agendas, sinister ploys, calculated plots and many more creepy-adjective/ominous-noun pairings. [Citizens] are to government authorities what lab-mice are to scientists.  We are run through incalculable experimental conditions to include, but not limited to: extreme changes in social and cultural dynamics, legislative controls on the part of cities, townships, counties, states, and the federal government, economic modifications, and international relation/foreign policy adjustments.  Meanwhile, the authorities observe us and make sure we continue producing the results they want.

The absurdity of the candidate concept, and campaign and election processes is unsurpassed.  Wildly rich, and undisclosed, corporations bribe politicians (through the legal means of “lobbying”) and then pay off the most popular media outlets to send the most irrelevant, immature, and sometimes downright stupid messages feasible into the homes, cars and [mobile devices] of the American people.  Our elected officials accept this, because in their eyes we are such moronic buffoons that they think we’ll actually listen to and watch them and interpret their hysterical messages as truth, or something.  Unfortunately, most people are as ignorant as they believe us to be.  Even the people who buck the trend and are genuinely skeptical of the candidates and their policies so rarely think critically of the entire system that the insights of those who do are usually discarded without consideration.

As a result of being unacquainted with facts, and allowing ourselves to be misdirected by crooked, biased mediums we have lost sight of the goal.  We have lost our integrity as a nation.  Today Americans are entirely void of any focus or perspective that might be helpful in making an educated decision regarding which candidate would be most efficient holding a position that maintains absolute control of our lives and environment.

Folks, do you really want a billionaire who wears magic underwear and thinks he’ll become God of his own planet when he dies making decisions for you to live by? Or would you rather have the inexperienced guy, the ex-pothead with a streak of charisma and a reputation for biting off more than he can chew?

On the theme of debated subjects

Taxes? During the 2012 campaign, what tax plan was communicated to you clearly enough that you can honestly agree whole-heartedly with it?  It wasn’t; they weren’t.

Tax loopholes? Which loopholes in particular does either candidate support, and how do they work exactly?  You don’t know; virtually, nobody knows.  I assert that tax attorneys, and corporate CEO types are about the only ones who understand these things, and even they have to spend hours tediously combing over the fine print in order to fully understand them .

Debt to China? How much Chinese debt have our politicians accrued?  In what form is this debt? What interest rate is placed on this debt? When does it have to be paid back? Why was/is this considered a viable option? Who makes the decision to accrue this debt? Do you know? I bet you don’t. I don’t. Not too many people do.

Let’s talk about social issues.  Are you certain about the stance either [Obama, or Romney] really takes regarding abortion, marriage equality, separation of church and state, recreational drug use, capital punishment, gun-control, social program spending, etc? Do you know, because you heard them clearly state what their stances are, or do you assume because of their party affiliations and your interpretation of their facades?  What specific programs will be cut?  What programs will be created?  How will this alleviate the pressures of national debt, and how quickly?  People just don’t have enough relevant information to make a sound decision.  And, to be fair, no politician has a sound grasp on the requisite knowledge to do their job the way they promise to.

At the end of the day, regardless of what you think you know, you are being manipulated within your environment by laws, regulations, local policies and processed messages. The ever present threat of potential “consequences for your actions” to be enforced by government organizations is extended during election time to include consequences for inaction.  Every election year leftist media outlets aim humongous rhetoric-campaigns at young people (who tend to be more liberal) in an effort to convince them to vote.  This circus is so transparent, but the kids seem to enjoy being a part of something; if only they knew they’re building a road to their own debt-slavery.

Even if nobody voted today, there would still be a President. The entire acid-trip barrage of Le Cirque-like nonsense that makes up the presidential race is designed to misdirect and misinform the population causing us to think there is an enormous problem at hand, and that WE are the key to solving it. Why? In order to boost your confidence as a voting member of society, a patriot even!  Besides, if your candidate wins you will more likely support him after the election out of stubbornness and pride.

How conniving!  How dishonest!

The world’s most genius marketers have been running disingenuous, wretched election-campaigns for decades convincing subjects to the state (us) of the existence of a fallacious problem (four years of THIS guy! or four years of THAT guy!?), presenting us with solutions (THIS guy thinks this! THAT guy thinks that!), and ultimately commanding us to act now (VOTE!!!).

In reality, the problems facing our country and its masses are so immeasurably complicated it would be impossible for any individual to gain a reasonable sense of what is needed to fix all of them, and it is exhausting to think about. So, we tend to allow campaign messages, designed for dumbasses, to satisfy our curiosity just enough that we justify our decisions on how to vote.

Possibly the very most laughable part of the whole show, though, is how effective this control system maintenance has proven to be. Those who dug in their heels for Obama are feeling joyous. Why? What are they expecting from him?  Nobody in the world has the technical knowledge, vast perspective, ultimate wisdom, and absolute devotion to humble morality essential to stanchly perform the duties of the POTUS.  Certainly, Obama doesn’t.  And those who voted for Romney are feeling discouraged and spiteful and are determined to see Obama fail.  They’re so politically frustrated they’ll stay coursing through the veins of the government propaganda machines in earnest with hopes of witnessing Obama’s inevitable fall from grace.

So we are all engaged in some sort of supportive, or unsupportive role (regarding government) within our great society, and the politicos got us feeling as though we matter like cogs in the mightiest of wheels.  Mission accomplished, politicos and your staff!

Most of us are all fools, lab-mice, morons, buffoons and peasants, and we’re ultimately supporting our own subservience!  We’re aiding the government in maintaining control of our lives!

Restore your dignity; Don’t vote.”

– pCoast